Meta-D.O.N. at LiWoLi



LiWoLi is an open lab focusing on Free/Open Source Software (FLOSS), Open Hardware and open contents in digital art and culture. This event will offer workshops, lectures, presentations and performances.

LiWoLi raises the question of whether a practice of  “doing it together” (DIT) might be a more successful formula for developing free tools (FLOSS tools) for art & culture, learning & teaching. This also implies examining the motivation of active producers and making room for the aspect of  “unpaid work”.

Hannes Weingartner, the technical aficionado of Meta-D.O.N. will do a presentation on METANET at the  LiWoLi “Artist & Developers” – block on April 17th.

Download the presentation

METANET is a distributed platform-independent service for creating, managing and exploring complex knowledge networks build for social and artistic researches. The software architecture involves multiple distributed components responsible for different aspects of maintaining and representing related semantic and topographic information. A main focus of this project is to enable access to a dynamically growing and large knowledge database with intuitive and sophisticated user interfaces on multiple information levels.

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