Meta-D.O.N. interviewing the Serbian filmmaker Zelimir Zilnik

Having met Zelimir Zilnik for the first time two years ago, Sebastian Lasinger and Alexander Vojvoda return to the Crossing Europe Film Festival on the occasion of the first screening in Austria of his new film The old school of capitalism”.


In the interview Zilnik talks about his new film, a mixture of documentary and fiction, which traces back the current Serbian workers’ protest to the first wave of workers’ revolts to hit Serbia since the advent of capitalism.
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Interview with Zelimir Zilnik

The Serbian filmmaker explains how he got involved in the workers’ protest movement and reflects on the relationship between political activism and intellectual discourse as well as the current post-socialist situation in Ex-Yugoslavia.

Zilnik concentrates on the crucial relationship between intellectuals and workers which gives the movement an essential force. He also highlights the surprising revitalisation of the socialist idea of workers’ self management and their selfawareness, putting in question a construction of identities solely based on nationalistic ideas.

Film review by Ernest Larsen

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