Association for promoting cultural, scientific and sociopolitical substitution services

The association meta–D.O.N. pursues the aim of promoting sociopolitical, artistic and scientific projects and a critical societal discourse in order to create and enlarge political, scientific, cultural and artistic spaces.


  • Nina Bandi

Degree in Political Science from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and MA in Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex, UK. Worked as a representative of a refugee aid organization at the Swiss Federal Office for Migration and was involved in different projects with asylum seekers. In 2008/09, communication work for an international NGO active in peace building. Recently, she spent several months in Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine) for a civil conflict transformation project. Researcher at the Insitute of Design Research at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Lives and works in Zurich. Recent publication: Art, Crisis, Subversion, ed. together with Michael Kraft and Sebastian Lasinger (Bielefeld: transcipt).

  • Carolin Eidner

Since 2006 studies of arts and cultural pedagogy at Alanus University for Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn. 2009/2010  University of Applied Arts, Vienna, class Erwin Wurm, since 2010  Academy of Arts, Düsseldorf, class Rosemarie Trockel. Member of the Austrian artist group „WochenKlausur“ since 2007, Organisation, curatorial lead of the group show „springendes reh“ 2009, Bonn. Teaching activity at „Jugendkunstschule Bonn“ since 2007. Exhibitions: Galerie Bessel, Berlin 2009, Künstlerforum Bonn 2008, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst 2007, “support your local artist”, Bonn, 2007.

  • Michael Heindl

Since 2007 studies at the University of Applied Arts (Vienna, Austria), 2009 grant for the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts (Salzburg, Austria). Has started with graffiti writing in 2000. Since then he tries to develop different ways of subversive artistic expression with painting in public space. Moreover, he works with installations, film and photography. He took part in various national and international exhibitions.

  • Christian Hofer

Studies of Sociology at the University of Vienna and Electronical Engineering at the Technical University Vienna. Has worked in the fields of digital audio production (e.g. for the programme „Smuc“ at Orange 94.0, free radio station Vienna). Music producer for „Helden der Gier“ and „AFFKRAFT“. He  hosts the club “Kokolore” and “Klub Affenkraft” as DJ CocoBohlen. Precarious clerk in the field of social work.

  • Michael G. Kraft

Degrees in Economics and Philosophy & Sociology (specialisations in international development, heterodox economics, political philosphy, sociology of knowledge and ethics). He obtained his PhD in the history of economic thought at the Vienna University of Business in 2004 with the dissertation Economics between science and ethics – an inquiry into the history of economic thought from Léon Walras to Milton Friedman (Frankfurt/Zurich/New York: Peter Lang). He also earned an MA in philosophy from the University of Vienna and an MA in International Education and Development from the University of Sussex, UK. He was awarded research and study scholarships in Manchester (UK), Berlin and Serbia. Various projects for the Mauthausen Memorial Archives (”Archiv der KZ Gedenkstätte Mauthausen”). Social scientist and lecturer at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (AT). Various scientific publications in the fields of cultural history of neoliberalism, popular education, social and political philosophy, etc.  His research interests include social and political philosophy, contemporary social movements, heterodox economics, neoliberalism and emancipatory education. Recent publications: Social struggles in Ex-Yugoslavia, ed., 2013, (Vienna: Mandelbaum); Art, Crisis, Subversion, ed. together with Sebastian Lasinger and Nina Bandi (Bielefeld: transcipt).

  • Sigrid Lamberg

Degree in Sociology & Business Administration, Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria). PhD in Social Sciences, Economics and Business in the field of development sociology; supervised by Prof. Dr. Franz Nuscheler. Research trips in the “Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte (Nicaragua)” for the PhD-thesis.  Since May 2009 she is working as university assistant at the Department of Social and Intercultural Competence at the Johannes Kepler University. Her focus of research and teaching is on the field of Global Studies.

  • Sebastian Lasinger

Degree in Sociology, Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria) and studies in Theory of Conflict and Human Rights, Universidad Javeriana de Cali (Colombia). Diploma thesis on the potential and limitations of transnational civil society campaigns (supervised by Prof. Dr. Franz Nuscheler). MSc in Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies), London School of Economics and Political Science. He was one of the main coordinators of the 2nd Austrian Social Forum in Linz. In 2007, he took part in the exhibiton Un/Fair Trade (curators: Peter Weibel, Günther Holler-Schuster) at the Steirischer Herbst Art Festival. In 2008, he was working with the Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth on the Hornsleth Arms Investment Corporation Project. In 2009, he was invited to take part at the “Subversive Fair” a project of Social Impact financed by Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture. In the same year he worked with the assocition Wochenklausur on the project “Intercultural Intersections”. He is lecturer on social movements and socio-economic transformations in South-Eastern Europe at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (AT). Recent publication: Art, Crisis, Subversion, ed. together with Michael Kraft and Nina Bandi (Bielefeld: transcipt).

  • Alexander Vojvoda

Received his degree in Sociology (Johannes Kepler University Linz) and Political Communications (Goldsmiths College, London). Since 1998 editor of various broadcasting shows, 2008  – 2009 coordinator of media trainings, 2009 – 2012 head of the programme and project department at the local community radio in Linz (Radio FRO 105.0 MHz). He was member of the board of the Federation of Free Radios Austria (VFRÖ) and collaborated with various community media, NGOs (CMFE, AMARC) or the Council of Europe (Speak out against discrimination, MARS, MEDIANE). Currently he is working in the area of strategic programme development, listenership research and strategic communication in community media and is member of the board of the local community radio broadcaster in Vienna (Orange 94.0)

  • Hannes Weingartner

Degree in Computer Sciences and New Media at the Technical University Vienna. Study scholarship at the Kiev Polytechnical Institute (Ukraine) and Helsinki University of Technology (Finland). Diploma thesis on “A mobile Blogging Solution – Aggregation and Management of location-based Content in the Java Application Domain” at the Interactive Media Systems- and E-Commerce Group. Currently working in Vienna in the field of software engineering based on mobile- and web applications  with a focus on projects for Mobilkom Austria AG. Supportive worker in the Austrian Motion Picture Industry (2003-2006). Resident visual artist at „Klub Affenkraft“ (Vienna, Zurich, Hildesheim). Films: „Einer und die Zeit“ (2002), „Freiraum“ (2004), „Ludowika“ (2004) and „Das Land der zwei Sonnen“ (2005).

  • Jerneja Zavec

Obtained her degree in Philosophy and just finishing a degree in Political Sciences, both at the University of Ljubljana. Worked in political editorship at Radio Student (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Since 2011 – including some pauses – working as contributor and/or editor at Radio FRO (Linz, Austria) in Frozine, 52Radiominuten and Kultur&Bildung spezial editorships. In 2011 she received the »Freedom of the Press Award« (radio category). Since 2013 board member of FIFTITU% (Network for Women in Arts and Culture in Upper Austria). Occasionally also physical migrant worker, striving for the basic rights.

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