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hp_SIGN_MOVEMENTSNew Social Movements in South-Eastern Europe

One decisive aspect of socio-economic transformations is how people and civil society deal with and react to them. Thus, the project New[B]Order also focuses on new social movements in South-Eastern Europe. Of course, one can argue whether it is deemed appropriate to subsume current movements in Serbia under this header, since some of them are clearly rooted in workers’ protests and the demand for decent jobs.

Nevertheless, we consider that the developments in Serbia make proof of some specific aspects (new communication methods and media, building up networks, manipulation of images on television and in other media, etc.), which justify such a denomination. This is especially true for the Freedom Fight Collective. Furthermore, the context in which these groups in Serbia act has changed much over the last twenty years and has come close to what can be called “postindustrial” society.


Socio-economic transformations in former South-Eastern Europe

One aspect of the project New[B]Order is to scrutinize transformation processes in South-Eastern Europe and especially in former Yugoslavia. Apart from the difficult and multifaceted aspects of resurging nationalism in the 1990s, we will have a closer look at the change of power relations, economic development, as well as social and political transformation processes. Special emphasis will be given to the impacts of globalisation which reached a negative culmination point with the worldwide economic crisis. In this context, it is necessary to consider the particular effects which the global economic crisis has on transition economies.

hp_Sign_metaspaceMetaSpace – MetaMap – MetaBlog

METANET is a distributed Interactive Knowledge Network which is developed by Hannes Weingartner, the meta-D.O.N. technical aficionado. The aim is to provide a tool for individuals and communities for connectimg them to complex relationships of scientfic measurement with cartographical aspects. This project consists of three technical domains:

metablog – artifacts input (text, sound, images, an mm data through web-based CMS mobile devices for geo-tagged content input), metamap (2D map for customized geographical representation of artifacts and transformation processes between them) and metaspace (2D/3D semantic graph/subgraph associated with map artifacts for mapping the degree of connectivity between them). Proved open-source/free tools will be utilized and adapted (e.g. Semaspace, OpenStreetMap aka OSM , Google Web Toolkit 2.0 aka GWT ).

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