The annual conference of the Studies in Social and Political Thought will concentrate on ‘Forms of Domination and Emancipation’ this year.

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Michael of meta-D.O.N. will present a conference paper on the Serbian workers’ struggle with the title: Workers’ Protests in Serbia: A Counter-Hegemonic Project?

More information on the conference can be found here.
For a detailed conference programme please click here.

Lecture on “Social movements, social conflicts and transformation of society”


Michael G. Kraft and Sebastian Lasinger will hold two lectures on “Social movements, social conflicts and transformation of society” at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in fall term 2010/11. The lectures are part of the Master in Political Education, which is offered by the Institute of Contemporary History at the JKU Linz.

In their lecture, which aims to introduce students to the basic concepts of social movements, they will also present the work of Meta-D.O.N. on workers’ protests in Serbia.

Friday, 19 November 2010, 09:15 – 18:00,
room: KEP 1
Thursday, 16 December 2010: 12:00 – 20:00,
room: ESH 2
Friday, 17 December 2010: 09:15 – 18:00,
room: KEP 1

Saturday, 20 November 2010: 09:15 – 18:00,
room: K 012D
Friday, 18 February 2011: 09:15 – 18:00,
room: K 012D
Saturday, 19 February 2011. 09:15 – 18:00,
room: K 012D

Representative of Meta-D.O.N. at the 3rd Subversive Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia



The 3rd Subversive Film Festival whose theme this year explores”Socialism”, will be held from 1 to 25 May in Zagreb. Apart from a rich film, theoretical and artistic programme, there will also be a large international conference. The conference will be held in the Europa Cinema from 3 to 7 May entitled “The crash of neo-liberalism and the idea of socialism today”, whose directors are Slavoj Žižek and Srećko Horvat.

Apart from Žižek, numerous intellectuals have confirmed their attendance such as Gianni Vattimo, Samir Amin, Michail Ryklin, G. M. Tamas, Michael Lebowitz and others. Noam Chomsky and Michael Hardt will participate via video-link.

Sebastian Lasinger will attend the conference and will conduct various interviews on new real utopia, the future potential of alternative societal and economic concepts with special regard to socio-economic transformations in former Yugoslavia and new worker protest movements in Serbia.

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“The Old School of Capitalism” by Želimir Žilnik - film review of Ljubomir Bratic

Revolutionary politics is a deconstruction of the old! Yes, but which revolution?…

Vienna based philosopher Ljubomir Bratic takes a closer look at the new film of the Serbian film-maker Zelimir Žilnik in which he poses the question of a common struggle of workers and precarized anarchist intellectuals.

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Published in Kulturrisse 0110, Journal for radical-democratic cultural politics.

“The Old School of Capitalism” Film Screening and Discussion with Želimir Žilnik and Boris Buden:

Creating Worlds Discursive Lines / kinokis mikrokino #174

22 June 2010, 20.00
Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna

A Photo Essay on Factory Blockades and a Privatization Tragedy


by Freedom Fight (FF)

Privatization of Zrenjanin’s Sinvoz, a railcar manufacturing and repair plant, began in 1990, as required by the Law on Social Capital.  By 1993, when privatization efforts were suspended due to hyperinflation, the Sinvoz workers had acquired 14% of shares in the company.

In 2004, privatization was reinitiated under the new Law on Privatization. Sinvoz workers and retirees held 30% of company shares, while the state sold the remaining 56% to Nebojsa Ivkovic, who personally attended the share auction. At the time of the share auction, Sinvoz employed approximately 870 people.

As per an agreement with the Privatization Agency, Ivkovic was obligated to invest further in Sinvoz, with further ownership shares being dependent on such investment. Ivkovic “fulfilled” this contractual obligation in 2005 by arguing that five mothballed steam locomotives purchased for scrap metal were in fact an investment in Sinvoz’s basic operation, netting him a 76% ownership share. Worker shareholders informed the Privatization Agency about the nature of Ivkovic’s “investment” (see photos below), and requested control over fulfillment of contractual obligations related to privatization. As a result of the worker-owners’ demands, the Agency sent several investigators to Sinvoz in the next two years, but their findings consistently found that investment was proceeding as per the privatization agreement.

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